Raffle Form

Promo Mechanics

1. Promo runs from Aug.1 to Oct.31, 2021
2. Grand raffle draw: November 6, 2021
3. Winners will be drawn electronically via Asian Vision’s e-raffle portal. All
qualified subs will be asked to visit the e-raffle portal, input all required
information and click submit. It will be their official entry to the e-raffle.
4. Participating systems: All Asian Vision branches with cable TV and fiber internet
5. Open to all current cable TV subs or current fiber internet only subs who will
upgrade to a bundled service or new fiber internet only subs who will purchase
a 2-month subscription of HBO Go pins.
6. All sign ups mentioned in #1 will qualify for a grand raffle for a chance to win 1
of 15 smartphones, 1 of 30 tablets and 1 of 30 laptops.
7. Raffle draw will be held at the 3 flagship branches of Asian Vision in the
presence of local representatives from the Department of Trade and Industry
8. The raffle prize may not be converted to cash.
9. By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold Asian Vision free and harmless
from any loss, injury, or damage caused by or arising from his/her participation
in the program or caused by or arising from his/her acceptance and/or use of
the prize.
10. Asian Vision reserves the right to verify the eligibility of the winning entry.

I agree to Asian Vision’s Data Privacy Notice and give my consent to the collection and processing of my personal data in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. I hereby certify that all foregoing information given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. All information provided is given for the purpose of acquiring their services and hereby authorize ASIAN VISION to obtain information concerning any statement made herein. Obtained information will be used for Asian Vision marketing communications, customer service advisories and winner announcement specific for this promo. This also certifies that I have read and understood the Promo Mechanics and shall comply with the requirements outlined in the mechanics above.